With a top-notch facility and state of the art training grounds, Woodford Thoroughbreds provides horses every opportunity to become the best they can be. This big farm facility with a small farm feel means there are no short cuts when it comes to the care and safety of the horses. A dedicated staff with nearly 200 years of combined experience, insures things are done right, focusing on quality over quantity. Members of the Woodford team, including grooms, veterinarians and trainers look at each horse individually, to design and pursue a program that fits its unique needs.

To maximize the space we have at the Florida farm, with 1,000 acres in total, we send all of our weanlings to Florida to be raised over the winter going into their yearling year. The large fields allow our youngsters to run and play, developing strong bones in the process, while staying off the hard, frozen ground you’ll find up North.

By June of each year our training center has sent most of its prospects off to new owners through the sale ring, or on to their trainer at the racetrack. We fill those same stalls with our yearling crop and use the training center as our sales prep facility through October. This process allows us to retain a quality staff year round.


Dirt Training Track

The 5/8ths dirt training track is cared and tended to as if it were a living, breathing animal, consistently being evaluated for what it might need.


Swim Dock

The swim dock was created from scratch and had one design element in mind: safety. Swimming is a tool used by the training center to get horses fit and increase lung capacity.


Starting Gate

Horses at Woodford get introduced to the starting gate very early on in the breaking and training process. Every horse that goes to the track will walk through the starting gate. In this way the starting gate becomes part of their every day ritual and not something to be fearful of. The payoff is evident when your horse gets to the racetrack and their confidence.


Covered Round Pen

The covered round pen is multipurpose. It provides a step in between stall and paddock turn out where a horse can stretch their legs, get fresh air and yet still be contained so they do not injure themselves. The round pen is also where all the horses get introduced to a saddle and rider for the first time.


Viewing Stand

Air-conditioned viewing stand where you can grab a cup of coffee, watch your horse train and catch a few races on TV.


Guest House

Book a night in our two-bedroom guest house and immerse yourself in the farm and training center experience.